Pet Squires and you!

The Knighthood Quest which can be started by visiting the Squire's Camp
and talking to Baron Von Wulfhause.

Once you have completed the quest you will be rewarded a squire deed, once used you will gain a bonded Squire. This pet gains stats and skills just like you. It can be resurrected, mount a creature, or loot corpses for you. The Squire can wear all the same clothing, armor, and jewelry a human can wear. The Squire once it has the required skills can activate weapon abilities.
The Book that spawns next to the Quest Npc includes a ton of info on your new pet.

You can change a selection of items to customize your experience. One thing you might notice here is that the resist can go to 80% the gods favor the poor Squire.

Tithing points are usefulzstats1.jpg especially since it can use the Chivalry Book, it also uses some Necro and Bushido.

Next is the Skills and as you can see there is a nice selection and here is most likely a huge question on your mind. Yes the Squire can learn all the skills, downside atm is the only way to go over 100 is by jewelry or equipment.

Last but not the least is the Switches, these are how we adjust what the squire will do and not do.





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