Invasions is a Vita-Nex: Core Service and does not require manual activation.
You can configure some options of the service by finding Invasions in the [VNC control panel and clicking [CONFIG].

With a comprehensive UI for spawn, loot, rank, level, and prize configuration, the Invasion service allows you to easily build complex regional assaults.

Invade towns and dungeons, or decimate a named custom region with an event to remember!

Full damage, kills and score tracking with real-time UI updates for all participants who dare to defend the assault, or turn up to watch from a safe distance.

Invasions can be scheduled automatically or started manually on impulse by a member of staff with sufficient access.

Enabling Invasion Portals when setting up an Invasion will cause the Invasion to spawn gates in the target region, and the creature spawn will tend to congregate around them.
These gates can be attacked by defenders for bonus points and do not function as any kind of teleporter.
With this feature disabled, creature spawns will appear at any valid spawning location within the target region, no gates will be spawned.

Invasions may be set up with a Gold Pool, this is an amount of Gold that is distributed amongst all participants at the end of the Invasion.
The split is done based on each defender's total damage contributed.

[Invade, [Invasion, [Invasions
Opens an interface that allows you to manage all Invasions.
Players in an Invasion Region can open the Invasion Details UI.

Colored Buttons in the Edit UI
YELLOW: Edit an entry.
GREEN: Entry is ENABLED (Click to DISABLE)
RED: Entry is DISABLED (Click to ENABLE)