Instanced Dungeons

Instanced Maps is a Vita-Nex: Core Service that provides the API necessary for dynamically creating, managing, and destroing new facets (maps).

Instanced Dungeons is an additional (included) feature that relies on the Instanced Maps service in order to generate and populate new themed dungeon instances.

Instanced Dungeons are modelled after the state of World of Warcraft dungeons and raids during Wrath of the Lich King.
The native Ultima Online party system is used to manage your group of adventurers seamlessly.

  • Players may group together to enter a private instance of a themed dungeon.
  • Instanced Dungeons are accessed via portals placed by staff.
  • A "need, greed, pass" loot system is optionally available, controlled by the group leader.
  • Gold is automatically looted and split with the group.
  • Dungeons have a deadline and a lock-out period, preventing re-entry to individuls for a specified time.
  • Dynamic high-end loot generation - no loot tables.
  • Much more... you'll have to explore!

Dungeon Portals can be added with [ADD DungeonPortal
Once added, a Dungeon Portal can be configured by using [PROPS and targeting it.
In order to link the portal to a specific Dungeon, you must change the ID property.
The ID property will automatically update the gate with all relevant information for the Dungeon you selected.
If your selection is invalid, or the Dungeon has issues, the portal may refuse to link it, or refuse entry when used.

The system will allow groups of players to enter the same themed dungeon, but each group will have its own unique instance of that dungeon - no queues.

The system is also designed to compensate for load, it can recycle existing instanced maps to host multiple dungeons of different themes, lowering the chances of reaching the 255 facet limit.

In the event the system is under high demand and no space is available to generate a dungeon, the group attempting to enter will be notified and rejected.

Included with this package is a user-friendly dungeon generator interface which is accessed by a command and works in very much the same way as the commonly known "Add-On Generator", which will allow you to export a template script for your new dungeon build.

There is also a helpful README available with some basic information to help staff get started with implementation.

Sewers of Britain:

A pre-packaged, fully functional themed dungeon with 3 new bosses and numerous new themed mobs to hack through.
Includes environmental hazards and boss area lock-ins.
This dungeon serves as a prime example of how to create your own dungeons once you have generated your template!