Guild Moongates

[MoonGenGuild - Generates public guild moongates. Removes all old moongates.
[MoonGenGuildDelete - Removes all Guild moongates.

Game Masters:
Creates Category and First Entry
[AddGuildtoMoongate [guildid] Category] [Entity] [x] [y] [z] [map] [AddGatetoLocation] - Adds Guild to Category and the HQs to the List.


Creates Entity under that Guild's Category
[AddGuildEntity [guildid] [category] [Entity] [x] [y] [z] [map] [AddGatetoLocation]- Adds another location to Guild.


[GuildMoongateGumpExport - Exports Guild Moongate Gump. This list is where all guild gates are stored upon restart.
[GuildMoongateGumpImport - Imports Guild Moongate Gump. Use this if the CSV file has changed and want to update BEFORE a restart.
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