Character Young Player Guide

Welcome new player to Vice and Virtue.

You are allowed to have one account per IP. A secound account for a family member can be set up through a gamemaster. You can create seven different characters per account.

Your starting Skillcap is 700, but increases over time to 840 (to allow 7x120 skills).
Statcap is set to 300. You'll get a +5 from Veteran Rewards. More can be added via Statscrolls (max.350).

Startingpoint of your adventure will be New Haven. To make it easier for you getting started, here are some helpful hints.

First of all look out for a provisioner to buy you a water pitcher and some food. Use the command [helpbar. A small triangle will pop up in the left upper corner, click it to unfold.

It will show you different sections...​

  • Info
    • Allows you to check your hunger and thirst status. Make sure to be satisfied for best skillgain results. On the other hand neglecting your needs will cause your death.
  • Pet Cmds
    • Commands for controlling your pet, like e.g. your horse, which can be bought at a local stable or tamed, if you choosed to play a tamer. Type [sellpet in order to rid off some extra pets for some cash.
  • House
    • Made some decent amount of gold? Look out for an architect in a carpenter shop. He will sell you a "house placement tool". You can own 3 house plots per account. Only the first house slot is available. The second and third slot can be earned via veteran points or bought via VnV Coins in the UOStore.
  • Sailing
    • Please avoid using these commands for now! If you buy a ship deed at your local shipwright, doubleclick it and place it in the water nearby a shore or dock. You will recieve to keys for ship each time you (re)place it. One in your backpack and in your bank. Use the key to unlock the ships plank to enter.
    • !!! Here the important part to navigate without commands. Dismount, doubleclick the tillerman and use your mouse to sail into the direction you want to. Doubleclick again for stop navigating. For "Dry Docking Your Ship" click the tillerman once, while you are on land.
  • News
    • Latest News and Events will pop up there.
  • Town
    • The "Safety!" option will port you as ghost to Britain Bank. There you can find an Ankh, a Resurrection Stone (the Gravedigger will pick up your body for some gold) and a Pet Resurrection Stone.
  • My Stats
    • Allows you to view your character stats.
Young Status

> You will start with a young player status. It prevents monster from attacking you, unless you attack them first. Be clever and use your young status to explore the world and to mark some runes. While young you won't be able to enter Felucca.
!!! Do not worry, if you die. Your young character, equipment and loot will be safe.

Coder's Corner

> Check out the Coder's Corner in Skara Brae Trammel for some neat deals. Grab your Gold Ledger, your Token Ledger and your Safe Trash 4 Token Backpack for just 1 goldcoin each. (Moongate-> Guild List-> Coder's Corner)

Personal Teleporter Quest

> Look out in New Haven for Rufus in the mage shop. He will ask you to collect 10 magical shards. This quest can be done once per character.

Personal ATM Quest

> Alexander Hamilton located in Britain Bank Trammel. You will have to collect 20 Thieve's Notes. This quest can be done once per character.

New Custom Spellbooks

> Rosanhi is located at the Plumbeer Tavern in New Haven. You can purchase one of these specific spellbooks made for Rangers, Bards, Clerics, Fencers, Macers, Rogues and Swordmans. It allows you play your character without the need to skill magery. Helpful spells like, Mark, Heal, Greater Heal, Cure etc. can be looted on differents monsters. Just look around New Haven and start bashing some monsters.

Seeker of Adventure

> In each town you will find some Escortables. Bring them to their point of destination and they will reward you with 500 goldcoins. It's an easy way to make some extra money in the beginning. You can repeat this quest every 5 minutes.

Trammel / Felucca

> Trinsic is our RolePlaying (RP) Town.
PVP is only allowed in Felucca.

Player Vendors

> Purchase a "Contract of Employment" from a Minter or Banker. First vendor market is located in Britain Trammel or ask for a different location. For placing your vendor stand a "Vendor Tile" facing the direction you want to and doubleclick the contract deed. Make sure to pull a decent amount of goldcoins onto your vendor so he gets paid for a couple of days. Otherwise he will disappear. Now just stock up your vendor. Set a price for each item when placed in the backpack of your vendor.

AFK macroing

> Macroing skills, while you are away from keyboard, is allowed, unless you are gathering ressources. Like Mining, Lumberjacking, Fishing, etc..

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