List of Player Commands

AddSocketUsage: AddSocket
Attempts to add a socket to the targeted item.
BroadcastKillsUsage: BroadcastKills [true/false]
Determines whether pvp results will be broadcast. The killers (winner) flag setting is used.
CSSCastUsage: CSSCast <text>
Casts the spell assigned to the given text.
CTFChallengeUsage: CTFChallenge
Creates a CTF challenge game
ChallengeUsage: Challenge
Challenge another player to a duel for points
CheckMobFactionsUsage: CheckMobFactions
Reports faction levels
DeathBallUsage: DeathBall
Creates a DeathBall challenge game
DeathmatchUsage: Deathmatch
Creates a Deathmatch challenge game
DonateUsage: Donate
Used to donate items from your backpack.
HelpUsage: Help
Lists all available commands.
HelpBarUsage: HelpBar
Display the Player Command HelpBar.
HelpInfoUsage: HelpInfo [<command>]
Gives information on a specified command, or when no argument specified, displays a gump containing all commands
KeyGuardUsage: KeyGuard
Toggles whether an item can be pulled into storage keys
KingOfTheHillUsage: KingOfTheHill
Creates a King of the Hill challenge game
LMSChallengeUsage: LMSChallenge
Creates a Last Man Standing challenge game
LedgeGoldUsage: LedgeGold
Fills ledger with backpack gold.
LotteryUsage: Lottery
Check if the next drawing need to be hold and anounce the next drawing if it isn't due yet.
NotifyUsage: Notify <text | html | bbc>
Send a global notification gump to all online clients, containing a message parsed from HTML, BBS or plain text.
Open the OWLTR Control Center Gump.
Open the bods request Gump.
PointsLanguageUsage: PointsLanguage
Displays or sets the language used by the points system
PosGumpUsage: PosGump
Open PosGump
QuestLogUsage: QuestLog
Displays players quest history
QuestPointsUsage: QuestPoints
Displays the players quest points and ranking
QuestRankingUsage: QuestRanking
Displays the top players in quest points
SeeKillsUsage: SeeKills [true/false]
Determines whether a player sees others pvp broadcast results.
SpellBarUsage: SpellBar
Opens the Spellbar selection menu
TeamDeathBallUsage: TeamDeathball
Creates a Team Deathball challenge game
TeamDeathmatchUsage: TeamDeathmatch
Creates a Team Deathmatch challenge game
TeamKotHUsage: TeamKotH
Creates a Team King of the Hill challenge game
TeamLMSChallengeUsage: TeamLMSChallenge
Creates a Team Last Man Standing challenge game
TimeUsage: Time
Returns the server's local time.
TimeStampUsage: TimeStamp
Check's Your Servers Current Date And Time
TopPlayersUsage: TopPlayers
Displays the top players in points
VerboseMobFactionsUsage: VerboseMobFactions [true/false]
Turns on/off display of faction gain/loss on mob kills
WithdrawVnVCoinUsage: WithdrawVnVCoin [Amount]
Withdraw [Amount] of VnV Coins from Account
gravediggerUsage: gravedigger
Summons the gravedigger to get your body
htgumpUsage: htgump
Opens Health and Thirst Gump.
ixpUsage: itemexp
Item Experience and Points.
mystatsUsage: MyStats
Opens Stats Gump.
sellpetUsage: SellPet
Automatically releases a targeted pet and gives the player money as compensation.