Here I am, to check it out.


New member
Jun 14, 2022
Hey guys!

Some of you may know me, many will not as I have been out of the loop for 10 years with a cancer battle. Been playing a few different player ran servers and official for a few weeks. And because SUO is my UO home for everything, Im checking out the mans server.

If you run across 'Coragin' or any character made from Star Wars or Marvel, you can bet its me. Stop me and say hi. Keep in mind I am mostly PvE and crafter. So, until I decide to get on board with learning PvP you wont get much of a fight lol. And Im an old man now, reaction times not as quick.

I am happy to help anyone as I usually dont keep more than I need or see needing in the future.

Hope to have an enjoyful time and meet some new people.