• Full featured interface for interacting with the charity system.
    • Simple tree-like navigation structure.
    • Manage your charity donations.
    • Search for specific items by name.
    • Review your charity history.
    • Bulk actions for managing your inventory.
  • Charity Box that is used to open the Charity interface.
    • Double-click to open the Charity interface.
    • Place items inside to add them to your Charity donations.
    • Add this box to towns to make it accessible to players.
  • Optionally limit the amount of items a donor may supply at once, it is 50 by default.
  • All item types are fully supported, only resources and tools are configured by default.
  • Deep support for item categorisation, items can appear in multiple categories at once.
  • All items held for charity are kept safe on the donor and can not be lost to the void.

This Module is completely plug and play, however it will take some minor steps to enable once installed...
  • Open the [VNC main control panel and enable the Charity Module.
  • Edit the Module's settings to make sure everything is as you want.
  • [ADD CharityBox and place the box in an area accessible to players.