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  1. Hermes

    Ranching and you!

    This is the Update of BaseAnimal. I've made a number of changes to the original script...such as requires a new thread. BaseAnimal is a package which allows for your animals to act more like animals. Deer run from players, wolves hunt deer. Bears steal your food and eat your crops. And so on...
  2. Hermes

    Yay, Nay and Ideas

    Working on adding a bit to the crafting systems including (these are subject to change) Multiple custom gardens Ranches Fireplaces use wood and matches Wild crops growing across the world Brewing - including beer (Popular Named Brews) Grinding Juicing Wax Craft Wine Craft Witch Craft
  3. Hermes

    Yay, Nay and Ideas

    Spell Crafting - No Errors in system (Tweak & Test Required)
  4. Hermes

    Bring a Friend Deal

    There will be a personal gift to each party from my own collection of items at the end of the month. :devilish:
  5. Hermes

    Possible Bug Missing Name

    more details of which ones please so I'm not skimming code for hours.
  6. Hermes

    Possible Bug Wrong BOD Reward Titles

  7. Hermes

    Fixed Bug Wrong Runic on Wood Elemental

    Fixed on next update.
  8. Hermes

    Custom Painting

    Ever wanted your own portrait? Pictures of the founding members of your guild? Or just random shit while your Buzzed? Here it is! Paint Brush + Paint Bucket + Canvas = Portrait Brush doesn't need to be bought for each painting.
  9. Hermes

    Pet Skill Mounts

    Currency: From Custom Fire & Ice Champs . Hardened Ethereal Stone / Glowing Ethereal Stone. Types: Page to change types after purchase. Swords / Tactics Archery / Tactics Macing / Tactics Fencing / Tactics Throwing / Tactics Wrestling / Tactics Parry / Resist Bushido / Resist Chivalry / Spirit...
  10. Hermes

    Resource Skill Levels

    Mining: Gather & Craft Iron - 0 DullCopper - 65 ShadowIron - 70 Copper - 75 Bronze - 80 Gold - 85 Agapite - 90 Verite - 95 Valorite - 99 Cobalt - 100 Nickel - 105 Cadmium - 110 Arcadium - 115 Virtium - 119 Lumberjacking: Gather & Craft RegularWood - 0 OakWood - 65 AshWood - 80 YewWood - 95...
  11. Hermes

    Declined Suggestion Scribe's storage key including spellbook storage..

    Yeah, I'm not scripting another key to possibly create issue like.... when you take something away from a key that's already in game you have two ends. One everything in that part of the key for every player goes poof and someone loses books, or the worst is it causes a fatal error and shard...
  12. Hermes

    Gardening System

    In a shop outside of Britian to the west is a farm hand selling seeds and garden deeds. You can place two gardens around your home, please don't abuse the placement of them or staff will remove them, if you have a question feel free to ask.
  13. Hermes

    Declined Suggestion Clothing Hamper to Accept Armored Cloth

    The armory key handles the armored clothing.
  14. Hermes

    Confirmed Bug Gardener's Key - Potions bugged

    First look at your pack when you fill the key I tried every potion and filling it left the bottle in the pack, so it would need a bottle to take it back out . Looking for exact details of what you did because all situations I can't make the key act weird or crash the test server.
  15. Hermes

    Valentines Quest!

    The Valentines Day quest is active and will run to the end of the month. Daily you can turn in for a chance at a different prize. The Quest begins North of Vesper.
  16. Hermes

    Added Suggestion Spawn Right on Res Stone

    All Done!
  17. Hermes

    Special Events Schedule!

    We are running Seasonal Events every two months & Here is the schedule currently! February/March - Treasures of Khaldun April/May - Treasures of Doom June/July - Jolly Roger August/September - Treasures of Kotl October/November - Sorcerer's Dungeon December/January - Krampus Encounter
  18. Hermes

    Fixed Bug Mystery number while pet levels

    well it was only a change of location of { in a line of code rofl
  19. Hermes

    February Coding News

    February 2022 "Hearts & Chivalry" First off, we will have a couple Valentine's Day Quest being released on Feb. 14th. Release of the Cleric Book, look for the Quest related to obtaining the book and creatures for the scrolls. Squire Upgrades including full skill gump, additions of multiple...