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  1. Phobos

    Yay, Nay and Ideas

    Would like to have in addition to cooking caseiculture Goat, Cow, Lama maybe other Animals too Craftable Pen [carpenter] small 3 animals 4 x 4 , medium 5 animals 6 x 6 or large 7 animals 9 x 9 with a storage chest a maturing shelv for the ripening process and a butterchurn
  2. Phobos

    Yay, Nay and Ideas

    Bring it in..let us know what grinds your Gears what you like, would like improved or even dislike.. Once the Ideas are here and the Staff has talked about them we will put them up for Vote so this is your chance to impact the way we go in future...
  3. Phobos

    Second Intro

  4. Phobos

    Suggestion Auction Items

    Let me know what kind of Items you would like to see at Auctions in the future. Please keep in Mind that we wont be selling any Gear or Keys :)
  5. Phobos

    Confirmed Bug Selfrepair on Jewlery

    I can apply SR Deed on Jewlery (rings, brace etc) the Deed is consumed but doesnt show on the props.
  6. Phobos

    Fixed Bug Points for BoD

    all leather above barb (so all custom ones) give as excep and 20 pc the same amount of 150 turn in or 3 bank no point in crafting higher leather for more points
  7. Phobos

    Possible Bug Missing Name

    Was while using Gargy Axe Walnut fletcher tool only shows name in key but not in backpack
  8. Phobos

    Not a Bug Missing CLiloc on Carp BoD

  9. Phobos

    Fixed Bug Wrong Runic on Wood Elemental

    The Frostwood Elemental drops sewing runics insteal fo carp or fletch ones
  10. Phobos

    Possible Bug Missing Name

    Some Runics when dropping on the ele dont show there woodname only when they are in the key f.e. Walnut
  11. Phobos

    Possible Bug Gargoyle Axe Bug

    Gargoyle Axes when chopping Trees dont use up any uses
  12. Phobos

    Added Suggestion Discord channels

  13. Phobos

    Gargoyle City

    The Book will be available one Ter Mur is reopened
  14. Phobos

    Fixed Bug Deco Tool

    At the moment the only com that are in there are up and down
  15. Phobos

    Fixed Bug Macer Scrolls

    It doesnt drop back to the source you pulled it from rather just dropes on the floor
  16. Phobos

    Fixed Bug Barracoon Candle Spawn Bug

    Barracoon Despice Feluca
  17. Phobos

    Fixed Bug Barracoon Candle Spawn Bug

    Went in spawns 1st stage was running 3 ppl killing no candles apeared, restarted with Valor same effect 3 ppl killin no candles
  18. Phobos

    Fixed Bug MotA Kill Crash

    Finished the Crafter Champ got PS drop then the Mule was killed cause of Energy Vortex and Server Crashed droped 110 mining and 115 fishing